Sungold Bengals

all that glitters really is golden

Sungold Bengals is a family venture headed by Christina & Simon Walker & our three children Megan, Ellie-may & Daniel.

We bought our first beautiful Bengal queen 'Forestgems Golden Sienna Sunset' in June 2006.

Sienna was foremost a family pet who shared our house and lives completely. She had a silky smooth glittered pelt graced with fabulous rosettes. Her temperment was superb with the youngest of children and she was not shy of strangers. No hiding behind the sofa for hours for her.

Sienna, like all Bengals was lively and energetic, highly intelligent, fantastically loving, loved water and heights and was a great source of amusement.

Owning a Bengal has completely converted the non cat lovers amongst this family.

Sadly in March 2007 just as Sienna had matured to breeding age she developed an extreme case of what can only be described as facial itchyness. We tried various treatments, took her to a specialist veterinary school for skin allergy testing. We had exstensive blood tests, no external sources could be pin pointed to her sudden & extreme itching. Realising we couldn't possibly breed from Sienna we had her spayed hoping this would help resolve some of her problems. Despite our best efforts and months of daily steriod treatments we along with our vet realised that we couldn't condemn Sienna to a life of lethargy, drug induced weight problems and wearing an Elizabethian collar. On the 12th of December 2007 Sienna was put to sleep and released from her misery.

Our prefix Sungold is a combination of Sienna's pedigree name. So through our prefix Sienna's legacy lives on.

After what would seem only a short time we realised that despite having had such an ordeal with Sienna we were hooked on Bengals and set about restoring our souls by finding & bringing Nell, Arizona, Ruebli & Sunny into our lives. Instantly we knew we had done the right thing.

Sienna will always hold a special place in our hearts and she has a special resting place in our garden, where she can watch over us.