Sungold Bengals

all that glitters really is golden

From time to time we will have retired breeding queens

 & studs available as spayed/neutered pets.

It has always been our intention to retire our breeding

cats at a young age so they can adapt into a pet

household and enjoy a lengthly retirement, some

will have given us kittens to continue

our breeding programme with.

We don't believe in rehoming entire queens or

studs, once they have finished 'working' for us

that's it.


14th June 2011

Nell & Sunny are available to the right home

Sunny has been retired for some time & has settled well as a 'pet' cat again after his stud duties. He is a friendly & loving cat loving his head rubs.

Nell was spayed in December & has settled well into retirement. Nell is a lovely cat & handles very well. 

All of our cats are homed indoors & all have access to outside enclosed play areas.

Ideally to provide a suitable home you may need to provide an enclosed ouside play area or live in a low traffic area if you find they 'need' to go out.

All are fully litter trained with no toileting issues, & all have bags of Bengal loveliness!

Please enquire for further info & availability or check back soon.

All will be available for a small nominal fee.