Sungold Bengals

all that glitters really is golden

We breed purely for quality and hope to produce show winning silver and Golden rosetted & Marbled glittered kittens from exceptional pedigrees & heritage. 

Sungold kittens are reared in our home and are used to normal household noises ( drilling,hammering,washing machines, hoovering etc) and are well handled by our 3 children.

You will often read of bengals being bomb proof, I was sceptical when we brought our first Bengal home as a 13wk old kitten, our son was only 22 months old then. She took it all in her stride and they soon became  the best of friends.

Sungold kittens are purely intended as house cats. This may seem a strange concept to traditional cat owners but the benefits are fantastic.

We don't get presents of deadmice or birds on our pillows, no warwounds from cat fights, no fleas,ticks or diseases.

We always know our special friends will be waiting to greet us when we return home and above all we know we will never have the distressing task of searching the roadsides for our loving bengals.

All Sungold kittens leave at 13 wks,registered with Tica or GCCF wormed at least twice,2 sets of jabs,4 wks free insurance from Petplan, a small supply of the litter your kitten is used to using & a Royal Canin Kitten pack.

They will be treated with a prescribed flea treatment from Wessex Vets as a precaution. 

A lifetime of support, advice & not forgetting friendship is offered with each Sungold kitten.

We guarantee your Sungold kitten to be in good health at the time of sale.

If your Sungold kitten should die due to a congenital defect (which may not be apparent in early life) within the first twelve months, we will offer a replacement kitten of comparable quality and value when available. Not all Breeders will make this offer but here at Sungold we feel this is appropriate.

Quality Brown & Snow spotted/Marbled - pet prices from £450��  

We will occasionally have exceptional kittens that we feel have potential for Breeding/Show. Prices will start from £1000

We ask for a 50% deposit for pet & Breeding/Show kittens. Deposits are non refundable unless we are unable to supply the kitten.