Sungold Bengals

all that glitters really is golden

South Western Counties Cat Club Show


Sunny was such a good boy & this really paid off today.

Sunny was awarded 1st place in his first adult open

& then Best of Breed.

A 1st & 3rd in his side classes.

Best of all Sunny was awarded his first Challenge Certificate.

Bengal Cat Club Show -  26th July Newbury 2008


Sunny's second Show

The Bengal Cat Club

Newbury 26th July 2008

Sunny behaved much better this time gaining

 2nd place in his Kitten open.

a 1st a 2nd & two third places in his side classes.

There was lots of tough competition in this show.

We are very proud of our boy 

who is still reluctant to be handled in the show

enviroment so more work is needed before his next show!



Sunny at his first show

The Somerset Cat club 

Sat 7th June 2008, W-S-M.

We are thrilled that Sunny attained 2 first 

& 1 Third place.

We are sure that Sunny would have done

 even better than this but unfortunately

one judge decided that she could not

handle him in his  'open class' &

didn't remove him from his pen

for judging.

The show enviroment can be a scary place

so this is something we will have too

work on with Sunny to ensure he fulfills his potential.